Pedigree of Ponechka Puppies

                  Master Class For Mescot    Boris Born To Be Loved





NUCH Boris Born To Be Loved

Chagall's Simply Red

Great-mack's Big Mac Of Loewak

INT B S UCH EUV-97 Loewak Des Senteurs D'opium

INT NORD FIN UCH SV-99 Tshimao's Two Ultra Happy

Willoughby Cr Positively P-nuts

AMCH Sag's Mtn High Red Express

AM CH Charly Brown's Peanuts

N S UCH Arktikko's Love Mee Too

Arktikko's Jaws

Peandokry The Encore

Peandokry Llove Mhee

Peandokry Llove Mhee

AM CH Shengli Mon Ju Cppiqus

True Loveways For Peandokry

 Master Class For Mescot

CH RUS Bellshow Adrenalin

Jade East It's Heat Wave

CH USA Jade East You Talking To Me

Jade East Be My Valentine

CH RUS Zon Mirekl Tsunami

CH RUS Bellshow Casanova

CH RUS Zon Mirekl Coco Chanel

Bellshow Renata

CH RUS Bellshow Ostap Bender

CH RUS Chernyi-chizh Graf D'busy

CH RUS Bellshow Chelsy Edinstvennaya Moja

Chuan Shi Vaska