Pedigree of Meskott Miuccia Prada







CANCH Gumby's Gucci

CH Elite's Pupet On A Sting

CH Elite's It's Only Make Believe

CH Chla Vistas Jubilee

CH Chula Vistas Boomer

Gra-lings Picture Perfect

CH Elite's Cadillac Seville

USCH Meiting Luv Wun Macmurfee

CH Elite's Face The Nation

Samsara Broadway-babe For Mingtime

Gf's Storm In A Teacup

CH Zing Zoo The Spencer

Grayland's Rebel Rouser

Sunhill's Gigi Samsara

Kei-mo Buster Brown

Jade East Hugs N Cuddles

CH Bahwindsor Gumbys Gettn Savy

CH Shenanigans Storm Surge

CH Shengli Whaa Hoo Red

CH Sheng Li Ricky Red

CH Lava's Me Like A Rock

CH Paradox's Leaps'n Bounds

Wow Sujo's Banana Daquiri

CH Paradox's Sweet Leilani

CH Bahwindsor Wudn't Itbe Luvly

CH Alpha Rated R Nanton

Shangri-la Gogorila T'baggy

Ming Su

Meiting My Fair Lady Winsor

Meiting Toy Yoda

USCH Meiting Hot Flash Of Jeber

NUCH Chagall's Caramelle

Charmings Played R Card Right

USCH Eljay Ace High

USCH Meiting Roll Of Dice

USCH Elite’s Place Your Bets

CH Meiting Curb Appeal Kweichow

USCH Eljay Cherry Blossom

USCH Prunhill’s Pyromania

USCH Eljay Cherry Cola

Charmings Royal Creol Spice

USCH Royal My Watta Guy

USCH Royal’s My Kinda Guy

USCH Ris Patti’s Patta Cake

USCH Kushi Kiao’s Dash Of Cayenne

USCH Meiting Luv Wun Macmurfee

Kushi Kiao’s All About Soul

Chagall's Lady Luck

Chagall's Cool Wind Of Love

USCH SUCH NUCH Willoughby Creek’s Cool Dual

USCH Sapigou Cool Dude Too

USCH Mingming Willoughby Pepsi Cola

Chagall’s Love Song

Teleglands Chesnut Tree

Konishiki Dancing Queen

Shengli Charme

USCH Shengli Absolut Power

USCH Sag’s Mtn High Red Express

Shengli Trouble In Town

Maitlins Diamond Solitare

USCH Shengli Red Sail Rising

USCH Ling Tree Tripp Sheng Li